Anqa Capital

At ANQA Capital, our team of experienced professionals combines specialized knowledge with a digitally integrated strategy to help you build a better business.

What We Provide

ANQA Capital has experience in a broad range of industries. With capabilities from strategy through to implementation and execution, we have delivered expertise in oil and gas, utility, hydro, plantation, logistics, coal mining, industrial property investment, financial services, and infrastructure.

How can your venture differ from other competitors? We understand that finding the right kind of funding for your business’s specific needs is imperative. At ANQA Capital, our strength lies in our ability to find the right investor for the right investment at the right time. As an advisor to the business and a custodian of corporate governance, we are also involved in multiple corporate actions such as restructuring, fundraising, acquisition, and divestment.

From action plans and internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure, ANQA Capital can accelerate your business to achieve more.

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